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Is the new Security Feature enrollment required?
Yes. This new security process is required to allow you to verify our official website and verify you as our Customer. We take your privacy seriously and ensure that only you access your information.
What do I have to do to setup the new security feature?
To review the process, click here view the Online Demonstration.
What if I forget my Username, Password or the Answers to my Challenge Questions?
Please call the phone number listed on your statement, the phone number listed on the back of your credit card, or Technical Support at 440.632.1666 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Time.
What happens if I do not register my computer?
We will ask you one of your chosen Challenge Questions in addition to showing you the PicturePassSM and PicturePhraseSM.
Why would I want to register my computer?
This process allows you to streamline the login process.
What is an unregistered computer?
Unregistered computers include public access computers (library, internet café, etc.), a friend or family member's computer, or a computer at your place of employment (registering your employment computer might be convenient but, should you leave that employer or simply be reassigned to a different computer, you must deactivate the registration).
Will I have to pay a fee for these new security enhancements?
Will I have to install any new software on my computer?
No. But to assist in recognizing your computer, we utilize cookies to identify your computer. To enable cookies, please see your browsers Help documentation.
Will my private information or content be stored in Online Banking?
Yes, we store your Username and Password. Remember that The Middlefield Banking Company will never request your combined Username and Password through an unsolicited email or phone call. For more information about Account Security, click here.
Will my Challenge Questions and Answers expire?
No, but we suggest that you occasionally update them for your security.
Why I am still being asked my Challenge Questions each time I login?
We will ask you one of your Challenge Questions if you have not registered the computer that you log in from. If you continue to be asked these questions each time from the same computer you registered, please ensure that your browser is accepting cookies and/or has Adobe Flash installed.
My browser does not display my PicturePassSM when I log on?
Please ensure that your browser is configured to display pictures. Please consult your browser's help files for more information.
Why don't I see my password?
As part of our continuous effort to safeguard your information, we have introduced a new online sign in process that not only allows us to verify your identity, but also allows you to verify that you are on our official website. This new security process adds additional layers of security (Challenge Questions, PicturePassSM, and PicturePhraseSM) to protect your information. You will enter your password after you have verified that you are on our official website.
What browsers support PicturePassSM?
Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, and Firefox version 10 or higher.
I deleted all of my cookies and temp files, why am I being asked my Challenge Questions again?
Due to the cleanup of your computer files, we can no longer verify your computer. Once you register your computer again, you will no longer be asked the additional Challenge Questions.
Do you store any personal banking information in my cookies?
No, we only store the information that identifies your registered computer to us.
Can I register multiple computers to your website as my 'registered' computer?
Yes. For your protection, we will only recognize computers that you have identified through the security process.
What if I do not recognize my PicturePassSM or PicturePhraseSM?
If you are positive you have not changed the PicturePassSM or PicturePhraseSM, please call Technical Support at 440.632.1666 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.
I keep getting an error when I type in the answers to my Challenge Questions?
Please type in the answer exactly as you have provided before. If you are continuing to have an issue, please call Technical Support at 440.632.1666 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.
I want to change the PicturePassSM and/or PicturePhraseSM, what do I do?
After logging in to Online Account Services, click on the Customer Service tab to change your settings.
I've reset my Challenge Question Answers with Technical Support, why do I have to start the sign in process all over again?
It is important that only you complete the security process again so that it is personalized.
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