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Online Bill Paying

How It Works.

There are two basic steps involved in using the bill payments service:

How it Works

When you first begin using the service, set up your payee list by adding the payees to whom you want to make payments. Some payees can also send electronic bills (e-bills). You only need to add each account you have with a payee one time. All of your payees are also listed on the Make Payments - Multiple Payments page, where you can quickly schedule payments.
When you make a payment, you specify the date that you want us to begin processing your payment. You should schedule the payment date at least four business days before the due date shown on your bill. This is similar to you mailing a check for a payment several days before the due date on your bill to ensure that the payee receives your payment and credits your account before the due date.
After a payment is scheduled, it appears as Scheduled on the Payment Activity - Bill Payments page. After we begin to process your payment, the status changes to Processed. The payee receives your payment and credits your account.
Use the e-mail payment service to make payments to or receive payments from anyone with an e-mail address. To make a payment, you just need to know the e-mail address and last name of the person you want to pay and the amount you want to send. If the person you are sending money to isn't enrolled in an e-mail payments service, you can invite him or her to enroll in Online Bill Pay.

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